I (K-2) 1st   Sophia Shi   K  Garland Quarles El / Winchester City                       
I (K-2) 2nd  Justin Gao  2 Bessie Weller El / Staunton City

I (K-2) 3rd 

Brianna Holland  1  Swansboro El / Richmond City 
II (3-5) 1st Jessy Samy 4 Clover Hill El / Chesterfield County   
II (3-5) 2nd Julia O’Conner 4 Garland Quarles El / Winchester City           
II (3-5) 3rd Raphael Adbulaev 5 A. R. Ware El / Staunton City
III (6-8) 1st Ma’at Ahmed  6 Albert Hill Middle / Richmond City
III (6-8) 2nd Daytyia Chisley 6  Shelburne Middle / Staunton  City
III (6-8) 3rd Zanaisha Williams 6  Shelburne Middle / Staunton  City
IV (SPED) 1st Amanda Aguilar 12 Surry County High / Surry County
IV (SPED) 2nd Marcus Lane 12 Surry County High / Surry County
IV (SPED) 3rd Brett Hyatt 10 Chatham High / Pittsylvania County
V (CAD) 1st Austin Hayley 9 Goochland High / Goochland  County
V (CAD) 2nd Betty Abdelgelil 9 Goochland High / Goochland  County
V (CAD) 3r Madeleine Maniz 9 Goochland High / Goochland  County


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  Annual Poster Contest Themes become the School Bus Safety Week Theme for the next year.

 Diane Stewart, Poster Committee Chairperson
c/o VBCPS Transportation
1677 Harpers Road - Virginia Beach, VA. 23454

Click here for contest entry rules

 Past School Bus Safety Poster Themes

Poster Contest Theme for 2008: Avoid Harm, Obey the Stop Arm

Poster Contest Theme for 2009: Cross in View, it's the Right Thing to Do!

Poster Contest Theme for 2010: Be Aware - Know the Danger Zone!

Poster Contest Theme for 2011: I See the Driver - The Driver Sees Me!

Poster Contest Theme for 2012: Stand Back from the Yellow and Black

Poster Contest Theme for 2013: At my Stop - You Stop!

Poster Contest Theme for 2014: Be Smart - Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!

Poster Contest Theme for 2015: Bully Free Zone!

Poster Contest Theme for 2016: # STOP ON RED!

Upcoming School Bus Safety Poster Themes

2015: Bully Free Zone!

2016: # STOP ON RED!

2017: My Driver - My Safety Hero!

2018: My School Bus, The Safest Form of Student Transportation!

2019: Red Lights Mean STOP!

2020: Can't Touch This - The Danger Zone!