Greetings VAPT Members

I am truly humbled and grateful to serve as your VAPT President. It was a pleasure seeing you at our 2023 VAPT Conference in Roanoke, Virginia. I want to extend a special thanks to our vendors, regional directors, committee chairs, and the VAPT Board for your unwavering commitment, time, and sacrifice to ensure the 2023 VAPT Conference was a huge success. The goal is that each of you will take key learning and information back to your respective district and add to your current growth plan.

I am excited to continue to “build from places of strength” as we learn and grow together on how we can better serve the students we transport to and from school daily. One of my favorite quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr states: “We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right.”

Let’s continue the conversations, networking, and collaborations that took place during the conference. We are on the same team striving to transport our future. As your new President, I am committed to working with each of you, listening, and taking action on things that will make us better together. Please know that each of you play a critical role to your respective Transportation Department in the Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure the safety and well being of our most treasured assets. Wishing all of you a successful and safe 2023 -2024 school year.

Darrin O. Wills