Welcome Back to another successful school year everyone! I know all of you have been working tirelessly to set the tone and expectations with your transportation teams, school officials, parents, students, and your respective communities within the Commonwealth. As we continue to transport our students to and from school and extra-curricular activities safely throughout the school year, Virginia Association for Pupil Transportation would be remiss not to remind you of National School Bus Safety Week.

National School Bus Safety Week will be observed the week of October 16-20, 2023. Many school districts, school officials, parents, students, and transportation departments will express their appreciation amongst your respective districts. What a great way to hit the “RESET” button to make your local communities and departments know that they play an important role in the millions of miles we travel to and from each year. 

Statistically, school buses are the safest way to transport school children. Yet more injuries and fatalities occur outside of or near a school bus because a motorist has failed to obey the stop-arm warning or to follow local traffic laws.

We certainly would like to express appreciation to all our amazing school districts within the Commonwealth of Virginia and nationally. We look forward to seeing how you may be observing this very important week within your local school districts. Again, thank you for the important role each of you play to reiterate school bus safety and our vendors who support and provide us with the necessary resources to continue to provide school bus safety at the forefront of our mission and vision each year.

Please visit the link listed below for available information and materials:


My best,  

Darrin O. Wills

VAPT President